Thursday, October 29, 2015


On Sunday we went orienteering from the Mirador Restaurant at Gebas.  We had the first real rain that morning but it stopped in time for the competition.

The route to the start

View from the restaurant

Monday we had an easy day and Tuesday we did our Hidden Valley walk in the morning and then took the motorhome up to the campsite at El Berro to meet up with friends out here for the winter.

Return route, Morron Redondo in the background

Yesterday we cycled from the campsite to circumnavigate the Badlands of Gebas.  We rode 40 km with 630 metres of climb.  

We cooked lunch when we returned and shared it with Angela and Paco from the campsite.

At the mirador (viewpoint)

The Embalse de Algeciras in the "Badlands"

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