Thursday, October 15, 2015


Since we bought our new bikes we have started to ride some of the small, quiet roads around our part of Murcia.   We had a 40 km ride out to Alhama de Murcia and to the Embalse de Algeciras and back along the trasvase.  We had an easy ride along the trasvase in the direction of Lorca for 15 km and then came back on the same route.

Couple of photos on the trasvase.

A few days later we did a ride up to Aledo, from there we took the road in the direction of Lorca to a T junction where returned right in the direction of Zarzadilla de Totana, the right again back towards Aledo and Totana.  About 50 km on minor roads. 

Along the road to Zarzadilla we saw many vultures but they were too high and far away to get a photo.

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