Friday, October 23, 2015

New Walk

Today we set off to do a walk along part of a new trail opened up by the local mountain bikers.  We left our car at the Casa Forestal Morti (Forest House).  We walked up the Camino de los Algorrobos until just after the park gate.  Here you can go to the right and head down to the dry riverbed.  Following a fence you eventually come to the end of a mountain bike route.  This climbs up to eventually join the path from Los Paredes Negras and the Camino de los Algorrobos once again.

Today we were joined by an escort.  A small dog who joined us earlier this year came with us again.  Last year we were worried that she would get lost but today we had no such worries.

Our Escort joins us

Morron Redondo

Ruins on Camino de los Algorrobos

Our escort is still with us

Escort leaves - spot the dog!

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