Friday, March 14, 2014

Latest News

We have just had our annual spring trip to Portugal for orienteering events.  We are glad to be back because, although we enjoyed the competitions, the weather was WET.  The rain fell most of the time we were away and the courses were wet and muddy underfoot.  

We have just had our last walk with winter visitors for this year. We will all meet up again next December (hopefully).

We are now fully involved with an orienteering competition that our Federation is organising at the beginning of April.  This is a World Cup race and is being held in a fantastic area for orienteering near the town of Cehegin.  This is the biggest orienteering event to be held in Spain since the World Veterans championships in 1996 and technology has come on a long way since then, with live TV over the internet throughout the competition.  It is gratifying that the Spanish Federation encouraged Murcia to hold this event because they know it will be well organised.

The Camperstop is now (at last) doing well and we have had some very friendly and interesting visitors this winter, with many people returning for further visits.

I am still having problems with photos but when I have solved it I will put more details on the relevant pages.

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