Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I have had problems with my computer recently.  Whenever I try to access my photos the computer stops working, hence the lack of entries on my blog.  I will try to rectify this.

However, we have not been lazy.  We have done many walks and rides over the last month.  We even had a trip to England, when we went walking in Clumber Park and Sherwood Forest.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we were at Camping Sierra Espuna, where we attended a party for one of our friends staying there.  We are presently in the house in Totana with the rain falling outside. Tomorrow will be better!  It has to be we are running in a training event for orienteering in La Muela (behind Alhama de Murcia) and we have to do the mens 21 age category course as that is the easiest course they are running.  For +/- 60 year-olds that will be testing!

Anyway, everyone have a very Merry Christmas (what´s left of the day) and i´ll try to post again soon.

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