Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two weeks away and return to Totana

We have just had a couple of weeks away in the motorhome.  We had an orienteering competition near Cordoba and then two weeks later the Spanish Championships near Plasencia.  Between the two events we spent our time bike riding in Extremadura, riding on the Via Pecuarias.  These are the old drove roads and, on the ones that we rode, are very easy to follow.  We also spent some time at Los Barruecos and Monfrague to see some of the birds that are around at the moment.  My hit-list includes Rollers, Spanish Imperial Eagle and Black Shouldered Kite.  Needless to say we didn´t see any of the above, but saw many Kites, Black Storks and Marsh Harriers as well as hundreds of Griffon Vultures and White Storks.

We are now back in Totana and it seems that our Little Owls are nesting again at the bottom of the garden.

We have to keep up the biking, the trip to ride the Camino de Santiago is getting nearer.  We only have about 8 days for bike riding before we set off North, first to an orienteering competition in Burgos/Soria and then to Roncesvalles where we are going to begin the ride.

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