Monday, March 19, 2012


This morning we heard, and saw, the first "ordinary" cuckoo.

Great Spotted Cuckoo in the canes at the bottom of the garden

At the moment 3.15 p.m. we are watching the battle of the magpies and the great spotted cuckoos.  The magpies have a nest in a pine behind our house and two cuckoos and two magpies are flying round and round.  Not sure who is chasing whom.  We don´t know whether the cuckoos chase away the maggies from their nest when the female cuckoo is ready to lay or whether the maggies just chase away the cuckoos whenever they see them.  We are no experts, but it is very entertaining (and very noisy).  We have been walking with some British friends and a Spanish friend and whilst having lunch together at our house we were entertained by the above.  Angela, the Spanish friend, has never seen the Great Spotted Cuckoo before.  Needless to say, neither have the British friends.

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