Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our latest walks

Our latest walks have been over the last few days and in very different weather conditions.

On Friday, 30 November we were walking with blue skies.  We set off from the Interpretation Centre in Sierra Espuña for a short walk before having lunch in the Espuña Bar in El Berro.

Looking across to Morron Chico at the beginning of the walk

Looking across at Casas de Campix

A few days later we went walking with two Spanish friends and an English friend.

We met at Collado Bermejo in very bright sunny, but windy conditions BUT as the walk progressed it got cloudier and windier and the walk became more of a challenge.  See photos below.

View from the parking area (note the blue skies)

View from the mountains back to the coast (not normally such clear skies to see this far)

Looking around the refugio on the route

Heading back towards Morron Espuña

Brreaking the ice on one of the watering points for the Arrui

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