Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rabbits O - Magpies 2

So far the rabbit trap has caught 2 magpies but no rabbits have been encouraged into the trap as yet.

Two days ago, early in the morning, we heard the magpies and looked out of the window to see a fox in the garden.  How it got in we don´t know as Angel has repaired all the fences around his garden, our garden and the camperstop area.  It couldn´t find its way back out though and tried digging under the fence.  Eventually it headed towards Angel and Paula´s garden where the chicken hut is.  We went out to follow it and it then managed to jump over the fence into the rambla.  Yesterday I saw it in the rambla.  We are hoping it doesn´t try to come back for the chickens as Paula and Angel also have a new kitten.  They lost two cats last year, one killed by two dogs in their garden and the other we found dead in the rambla.

Latest news.  Two rabbits caught in the trap.  Angel was going to take them some distance away and let them free but Paula´s father came for them and (unfortunately for them) they went into the pot!

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