Thursday, May 24, 2012

Biking in the area

Over the last few days we have been riding our bikes in different parts of our surrounding area.  Yesterday we took the bikes in the van to La Parroquia, a small village inland from Lorca and near the Almeria border.  We had a very good, but hard ride because of the hot temperatures.  Our route took us across a river and then up into the mountains.  On the route we saw a pair of Little Owls, a tortoise, two young Ibex (we think that´s what they were) and many Griffon Vultures.  Our return route was down a wide, white track from an Albergue in the mountains.  The track passed a quarry and when we finished our ride our legs looked as though we had been walking in flour.  We dusted ourselves off and then, for a treat, had a menu del dia in a local bar for 8 Euros each.

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