Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bird Life

Over the last few days we have seen a number of Cormorants flying over our house.  We have seen up to 12 of them on the water reservoir nearby.  We also heard the calling of what we thought were Curlews but couldn´t possibly be here?  Anyway I looked in my bird book and found that they could be Stone Curlews.  A few days ago a number of birds flew up from the ground and looked very like the picture in my book.  As a VERY amateur bird watcher I can only take a guess at some of the birds I see here, but can definitely record a pair of Booted Eagles, a pair of Hoopoes, Kestrels, Little Owls and a tree full of Long Tailed Tits.  I have put out some feeders hoping to attract more of these smaller birds, although at the moment the Magpies are eyeing the feeders greedily.  Other birds seen along the canal over the last few days have been a Grey Heron which flew alongside our car for 2-300 metres as we drove alongside the canal and a few Cattle Egrets.  There are many other small birds around but I don´t know what they all are. 

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